Friday, February 6, 2009

Yup. Another cat blog.

My name is Mr. Black and my sort-of pal is Elvis Pussley. The lady took this photo today while I was laying on the patio table watching the rain. She took it through the living room window which is why you see the rain spots. It's not easy to take photos of me because I'm always on the move, winding in and around the lady's feet. Every time she tries to take a photo of me, she gets the top of my head or my fuzzbutt.

We are new to this blogging thing, so it will take us awhile to get the hang of it. The lady has an older digital camera (only 2.0 megapixels [oh, the humanity!]), so she might have to fire up the 35 mm SLR and then get the photos transferred to a disc or something. She's no Luddite, but lacks enthusiasm (and the resources) for the latest, new-fangled, stuff.

I am an 'outdoor' cat (even though the lady doesn't think cats should be outdoor cats--too dangerous--wait until you hear my bobcat story!). But, that is how she found me and because Elvis is FIV positive (more on that later), I can't come into the house. I have a cozy wicker bed in the garage. It is lined with a down comforter and a leopard-print warming pad. I also have an Igloo on the deck, so I've pretty much got it made for an outdoor guy.

This photo is Elvis doing what he does best (taking naps in order to recuperate from all the sleeping).

Elvis a pleasant enough fellow. I only know him through the screen door, which is all for the best.
I don't get along with other cats. So, with him being FIV positive and me being a mini panther-puss....things are working out okay.

Well, I don't want to ramble--being that this is my first post and all. I'll let you know more about us in a future episode. Same cat-time, same cat-channel.


Cat with a garden said...

Wow, you two are an interesting "couple"!

T'Abby Normal said...

Hello, Mr. Black! We are very glad to meet you, too! We would love to hear all of your outdoor adventures, too, seeing as we never get to go outside.

Abby & Stygia (fellow panther)

Derby said...

You have a good arrangement for Elvis being FIV +. Don't worry about the technology, mum doesn't have the latest flashy box either. We get by just fine.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Black and Elvis! We just heard about you from Mr. Tuck and wanted to drop by and welcome you. We are formerly homeless cats who now share the home and the love of a couple of humans in Pennsylvania. (One of us is a black cat, too.)