Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I'm now almost 18 years old and still kickin'. Good appetite, good litter box habits, and playful. I have some minor "senility" issues (staring at the wall ["where am I?"]) and complaining about absolutely everything and absolutely nothing. My complaining consists of loud, goat-bleating "meowing" on a seemingly endless loop until I am jolted back to reality by the Lady shaking a spray water bottle at me or telling me to "BE QUIET, PLEASE!"

I enjoy sitting in my garden window, or snoozing in various beds/spots that I have in the upstairs loft. In the evenings, I like sitting on the Lady's lap (especially when she is using the electric warming throw --- oh, my...that is so cozy). I have an endless supply of kibble, plus three times a day I get some delicious wet food in a special "Circle Cat" bowl.

Merry Christmas!