Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Pit Bull and the Water Heater

Back on April 8, our water heater busted and was leaking. The landlords had just driven off to the airport for a short trip (great timing!) , so we had to wait until we could call them when they arrived at their destination and let them know. The landlord made some calls and the next day the plumber came out and installed a new water heater. I noticed a DOG was seated in the truck (if you look closely, you can see her through the windshield).

I kept an eye on the dog from my balcony,

but then I went down to the truck to get a closer look.

The lady took pictures of me snooping around the truck, but for some weird reason, none of them are in the camera! But, here is a photo of the dog looking at me. I guess it was a girl dog. Her name was Pixie, or Dixie, or something like that. Something with an "ixie" in it. She is a pit bull. She seemed nice enough. She didn't bark or growl or anything. I really checked out the truck and even crawled up and sat on the axle. The lady kept shooing me away. Before he left, the plumber- man let the "ixie" dog pee on a shrub, but I stayed away.

Elvis says hi. I don't have a recent photo of him. He went to the vet on May 7 and got his ears cleaned, toenails clipped, blood drawn for thyroid level check (to make sure his medicine is still the right dose), had an exam, general health profile, and urinalysis. He had an ear infection and the lady put drops in his ears once a day. Then, a few days after he got home, he showed signs of an upper respiratory infection, so he just finished 7 days of Clavamox, twice a day. He wasn't too happy about it, but the lady gives him treats after he takes him medicine, so he doesn't fight her too much. He mostly tries to wiggle away. He seems to be doing just fine.