Saturday, March 9, 2013

My "Pal" Woody

You may recall from a previous post or two that the lady used to pet-sit for the former landlords' dog, Woody. He would come down to our place for a visit and I liked him even though I was a bit wary.

Woody with Butters the cat.

Woody and I enjoying the shade (last year).

Woody was diagnosed with bone cancer and three weeks ago he had his right rear leg amputated. The lady helped take care of him the past few weeks and she is happy to report that he is doing very well and is almost back to his old self!

A couple of days ago.  Just returned from a walk.

He gets around just fine on three legs. I won't be able to visit him anymore because we moved away and I am not a "traveling" cat, but I wish him the best.

Thinking of the "old days" with Woody.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


When I was an outside cat I had no interest in cat toys. Why would I? The world was my oyster (oysters...bleh!). I hunted many mice and gophers, chased leaves, and stalked trailing vines. Now that I am an indoor cat, I find that I enjoy toys. I started out with a large gray mouse, but I really prefer the tiny fur mice that come in very unmouse-like fluorescent colors. I play with them a lot (when I'm not sleeping). I'm also on a diet.