Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vermin, Interlopers, and Stray Leaves

Between rain showers, I patrolled the perimeter for vermin, interlopers, and stray leaves.The lady was cramping my style by constantly following me around and repeating the mantra, 'Blackie, over here. Look! Mr. Black....look, look!" I won't be fooled. She is just trying to take a picture of me. I tried to dissuade her from engaging in this distraction from my routine by talking to her about it, but my melodius musings didn't have an effect.

Instead, I flexed my muscles a bit and showed her some of my arsenal. She is quite aware of my 'sharps' (as she calls them) as I've used them on her a few times (not recently, and not with malicious intent, but it should be assumed that I will react with necessary force when people do not abide by my wishes). As time has passed, I have become more patient because I now realize that my expectations were too high, and my interpretation of events was clouded by my less than objective viewpoint. I now know that the lady is my friend.

While I was working today, Elvis I have to say it again? RESTING.
Even though it was chilly, the sun was out now and then, so the lady opened the door in order that Elvis might lay in his 'sunspot'. Yes, he made the arduous twelve foot trek from the electric throw to the rug near the door, but only after having a snack to fortify him for the journey. Sweet dreams, your royal bumness! I'm watching you and documenting your every move!


Fin said...

Humans always ruin an afternoon out with the flashy box. My day looks a bit more like Elvis.

Cat with a garden said...

Hahahaha, you crack us up, Mr. Black! You have to get used to the flashy box. Make it your routine. Control the flashy box, don't let it control you.

Anonymous said...

"Your Royal Bumness?" Hahahahaha
Thank you for visiting our blog. We love to make new friends:)