Monday, February 9, 2009


For people who are used to snow in winter (and some who are getting too much), this will seem like no big deal. But for the lady, Elvis, and me, this is something very unusual, unexpected, and special!

The lady has lived on this property for many years (1992 to 2001, and 2007 to present) and it has never snowed (at least while she was here)! So, you can imagine her surprise this morning... she was going through her usual routine (get up, give Elvis his pill with Fancy Feast, put the coffee on, come downstairs and let me out of the garage), when she opened the front door and saw snow! She froze (haha--pun intended) in her tracks. It didn't compute for a couple seconds. Snow was everywhere and it was still falling! She gingerly walked down the steps and let me out as usual. I raised quite a fuss about my delicate toe-pads having to come in contact with the suspiciously cold foreign substance.

Large, fluffy snowflakes kept falling for about forty-five minutes, and the lady was annoying me with all the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs'. Shheeesh! Get a grip, lady!

She took photos because who knows if this will happen again?

Then, the sun came out and little by little, it got warmer, and pretty soon, our too-brief glimpse of a winter wonderland was gone.

Yada, yada, yada. Just bring me my kibble.


Cat with a garden said...

Mr. Black, the picture of you coming out of the garage is worth a million! We can absolutely relate to what your saying: we had snowfall too which is very uncommon in our city. Normally, when it snows, the white stuff disappears directly. But this time there were 11 cm and they stayed for a week. Our human was all dreamy eyed. I, Chilli, am too young and naughty to go out but I got out on my fancy red harness. That reminds us that we got to make her post our pictures in the snow. Here's one of Siena. Purrs!

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Hi! We're friends of Abby & Stygia and Siena and Chilli, and so came by to say hello, and welcome to this wonderful blogging community!

We can see that you live in a very pretty location, and the snow certainly adds to the charm!

We would be delighted if you would come to visit our blog. We are one woofie (Tom) and one girl kitten (Tama-Chan).

China Cat said...

Your snow looks so very nice but I consider myself a cat of the Summer. I love the heat! Sometimes we do get snow here and, of course, there are always pictures to be taken! However, I am with you on -- where's the kibble!?!?!?

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

Fin said...

we live in the desert and had 8 inches in one night, it was crazy!