Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello Again; It's Me.

It has been quite awhile since I stopped by to say hello. I am fifteen years old now, and am still hanging in there. I still eat my prescription food (for my "thickened intestinal wall" issue that was diagnosed two years ago), and am now exhibiting symptoms of chronic renal failure. I feel pretty good, though. My appetite is excellent, I still have lots of energy, and play with my toys. My favorite "activity" is hanging out and/or dozing on my bed in the "garden window".
You lookin' at me? Are YOU lookin' at ME??
It is especially cozy there when it is chilly outside and the sun warms me up. I can also watch birds, squirrels, and Mookie (the homeless cat that showed up last Spring and who the lady brought in to be neutered and get a rabies shot). He has a heated Dogloo in our shed and is spoiled now with good food and lots of attention. He can't come inside because I would put the bitey on him (and he, me).
Mookie. Aka: Moquito, Quito, Scampi
I hope you all are doing fine. Maybe I can convince my secretary (the lady) to post more often, but I doubt it. Once she loses interest in something----fuhgedaboutit. Well, miracles have been known to happen---evidenced by this post. Cheers!