Saturday, March 14, 2009

Puss in Boots

There's something about cats wearing Three Musketeer style clothes (even I think it's cool). Maybe it's the boots, the hat with the feather, or the ruffled collar. The lady doesn't know if the style is medieval, renaissance , or something else. She did find out a little bit of the history of the Puss in Boots story, and, as with all fairy tales, it has many twists and turns.

The lady bought the old, framed print (shown above) of PiB about 15 years ago. She found it in a consignment shop and it now hangs in the bathroom, standing guard over who knows what.

She has a close friend, JD, who is always finding things for the lady...all the gifts have a special quality: whimsical, useful, and sometimes beautiful. Well, most of them. Once in awhile, there's a dud. Take this little PiB "action figure" for example. When you put it in water and let it sit there for about five minutes, it is supposed to double in size. Hah! The only thing that happened was that it got some kind of slimy granules all over it.

Yeah, I know. The "after" PiB looks smaller than the "before" PiB. But, it's not. Just look at the tape measure. It's the same size as before, just slimier.

Now, the next PiB-related item that JD got for the lady is pretty cute. Not useful in ANY way, and Elvis is scared of it, so it sits in an out of the way corner (not in the bathroom). This is a motion-activated, talking Puss in Boots. It is fourteen inches tall and it speaks in a Spanish accent (it could be the voice of Antonio Banderas, who knows?) and says things like, "I have traveled through many lands, but I would give all that up if you will just keep petting my head", [whistles] "Stop! there is no need to walk by, for Puss in Boots is right here", "Give me your hand, baby, I will keep you safe." You can't shut him up (except for the "off" switch, of course).

For you fans of Antonio Banderas as the voice of Puss in Boots (in the second and third Shrek movies), Puss in Boots will be starring in his own movie. The lady thinks PiB was the best character in the Shrek movies, so she may actually have to go and see it (she usually waits for Netflix--too much loud popcorn chewing going on in the movie theater).

P.S. I told the lady it would be okay to make a picture of me in Puss in Boots attire, but she says she needs to work on her Photoshop Elements skills.

On another topic:

We thank the people who kindly passed along the following awards. We think all the cat bloggers we have met are deserving of these awards and since it is very hard to keep track of who has already gotten what award, please feel free to accept one. There are rules and lists of things to do with each of them, but to be honest, I can barely get the lady to do a couple (or maybe three) posts a week, so as usual, she didn't do what she was supposed to with them. You can find the rules for each one by visiting the blogs who awarded them. Thanks again to the people who thought of us.


C said...

Puss in Boots is my favorite character in the Shrek movies. I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. Mr. Black you are handsome!

Tracey and Huffle said...

Puss in Boots was definitely the best character in Shrek.

Congratulations on all your awards!

Huffle Mawson

Fin said...

Oh Mr Black I admit I scooted right over here hoping your Mom had turned YOU into PiB with some new photoshop magic, heheh. Ah well, seed planted. :-)

We like PiB best in Shrek too, and really "Puss in Boots" just sounds - magical.

Cat with a garden said...

Both PiB rock! We still have to watch it but mom told us there's a funny sequence with a hairball. Now, what could be fun about a hairball WE don't know...
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Daisy said...

That slimy-skin PiB is funny! I think they should give you your moneys back for him.

Mishkat said...

Congratulations on your awards. I have the same problem keeping up with the cats' blog...

And that print is wonderful - I'm very envious! The slimy PiB is funny. I actually have a PiB action figure and I've never seen Shrek - bought it at the dollar store because it reminded me of Dobby :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great post, Mr. Black. When The Girl was little, her favorite book was Puss In Boots:) She still keeps her copy on her bookshelf.

Anonymous said...

Puss in Boots was our favorite, too. We suspect that soon your human mom is going to use Photoshop and put you in boots, Mr. B. Well, as long as it's done right there's nothing wrong with making you look like a famous movie star!

Angus Mhor said...

PiB is a swashbuckling sort of fellow-very swashy and buckle-y. I think moms like him 'cause he's witty and dashing and yet a little bit compassionate. Whatever.

Hey, my mom just got Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac-if your mom's got any cool tutorials or neat websites to help my mom learn, I'd sure appreciate it-otherwise, I may have to secretly edit my blog posts of her efforts!

michico*Adan said...

I like Puss in Boots~!!! So so cute~! And I like seeing so many series!!!

Cory said...

Congrats on your awards! It can be hard to keep track.

Thanks for stopping by my garden party!

xoxo Jonesie

Anonymous said...

Hahha Momma loves PiB too!!! though she does not have all the neat toys your momma has.. she just has a little action figure that she keeps next to her troll doll and hello kitty kitten in the kitchen for her to smile at...We thinks the PiB appeals to momma so much a cause that is what she really thinks our little personalities are like :))
PES: we think we would like your talking PiB!! Very much hehe

Tuck said...

Puss in Boots is a great cartoon character! He sure is stylish!!

Congrats on your awards!

LizzyBean said...

Dear Mr. Black,
As usual, you made me laugh!
Regarding the PiB costume, it is a late Renaissance style, c. mid-1600s. I LOVE the print the Lady got from a friend -- it is very neat!
We really enjoy your blog!