Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taco on the Roof; Butters in a Tree

The lady was taking care of the landlords' property recently. I usually sneak up the hill to spy on her because I know there are two cats that live there.

Apparently, the boy-cat, Butters, does not care for the girl-cat, Taco. I think this Butters character has some deep-seated psychological issues revolving around food and territory. And I don't mean the run of the mill issues that all cats have. He seems a bit over the top. Whenever he see Taco, he chases her and she runs up a tree and jumps on the roof. For some reason, he doesn't follow her up on the roof. He just sits in the tree watching her until Woody the dog barks at him, and then he comes down.
Now, I don't want either of them in MY territory (even though I sneak up the hill, I'm just out of their range), but I do feel sorry for Taco. She seems a harmless enough feline. She is very small and Butters is a big cat, so she has no choice but to run. The lady thinks if she gives Butters a lot of special attention, then he will realize he has no worries and will relax. Me, I'm not so sure. Some cats don't like other cats. I don't like other cats. Butters is a loner, like me. Don't get me wrong. I'm no psycho. Butters obviously is. I'm just making the observation that he is a loner.

Okay. Enough of the feline Bickersons. I'm just chilling on the balcony. All by my lonesome. Nobody bothering me. Just wake me when dinner is served.


sheryl said...

So Taco found a refuge on the roof. Butters doesn't probably love the roof because he stopped chasing her when she's on it or maybe you are right about territories after all.

The Island Cats said...

Butters sure isn't very nice, is he.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh that poor girl cat. I feel so sorry for her.. It's so unfair to be chased and hated in your own yard and home.